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Piper & Bowers, P.S.C. is a boutique law firm composed of three Attorneys and a Certified Registered Critical Care Nurse with greater than seventy years of combined experience in Healthcare law.

Our Attorneys focus on Medical Malpractice and Healthcare Defense, Litigation, Professional License Matters, Risk Management, Claims Management, Healthcare Compliance, Claims Investigation, Mediation and Arbitration.

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Professional Liability Defense

As a provider of medical services in Kentucky, you know that your expertise and experience enable you to do your job, but your reputation is what makes your career. When a patient’s dissatisfaction cannot be reasonably appeased, you need a legal advocate who can protect you from monetary loss, defend your reputation and safeguard your livelihood. Piper & Bowers, P.S.C specializes in safeguarding medical providers against malpractice claims.

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Medicare & Medicaid Fraud Defense

When you are under investigation for phantom billing or up-coding, or accused of billing medically unnecessary services, you do not have time to introduce your lawyer to the world of billing, coding, and medical necessity. You must expect your attorneys to know every nuance and detail of your industry so that the focus in times of crisis can immediately switch to strategic defense.

The attorneys of Piper & Bowers, P.S.C. have successfully defended physicians, practice owners, and physician owned entities in False Claims Act, CMS exclusion, Stark Law, Anti-Kickback, Medicare, and Medicaid investigations.

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Medical Regulatory Compliance

As sweeping legislation and evolving regulations continually transform the healthcare system, understanding your rights and responsibilities requires ongoing education and collection of the latest information. The lawyers at Piper & Bowers, P.S.C. are dedicated to keeping up to date on the frequently changing laws that affect medical institutions and professionals. We serve as your link to the legal process, using our in-depth knowledge of insurance and government agencies to resolve your legal issues.

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Civil Litigation Defense

Helping businesses and individuals successfully resolve disputes.

Piper & Bowers, P.S.C. is one of Kentucky’s premier civil litigation defense firms. We are a broad-based civil litigation defense practice, enabling our lawyers to vigorously defend clients in the following areas:

  • Medical negligence defense
  • Personal injury defense
  • Insurance defense
  • Product liability defense
  • Tort defense
  • Healthcare regulatory defense
  • Healthcare contract negotiation and defense
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At Piper & Bowers, P.S.C. we successfully try lawsuits to defense verdict. Our attorneys have successfully tried cases in Kentucky for over forty years. We have handled complex litigation in the fields of medical negligence and other health care matters, obtaining excellent results for our clients. We possess the experience and resources to vigorously defend our clients and provide them with exemplary cost-effective client service.

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Health Care

Our greatest strengths at Piper & Bowers, P.S.C. are navigating the increasingly-choppy regulatory waters of modern health law and defending healthcare providers and entities in healthcare litigation and claims management. Our firm also investigates and provides advice to manage responses to adverse occurrences and to improve systems to address and prevent future adverse outcomes.

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